Orion music and more - Atlantic City 23-24 juni!

Det har varit några läckor redan.

"Metallica has invited 22+ of their favorite artists from across the music and comedy spectrum to the inaugural Orion Music + More. More than just music, the festival will also feature a lifestyle element showcasing the band's individual interests - and allowing fans to interact directly with each of the band members. More details soon!"

"Metallica will headline both nights, and play the Black Album in its entirety on one of the nights for the first time ever on US soil. Arctic Monkeys   •   Avenged Sevenfold Modest Mouse   •   The Gaslight Anthem Cage The Elephant   •   Fucked Up   •   Best Coast Hot Snakes   •   Titus Andronicus Gary Clark Jr.   •   Lucero   •   Roky Erickson The Black Angels   •   The Sword A Place to"

Nu annonseras det!


Postat av: metmike

Min printscreen?

2012-02-09 @ 09:15:17
Postat av: admission essays

I love songs of this group. Some of them I learned by heart.

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